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Healthy by Choice Not by Chance

When Elite Health and Wellness opened its doors in 2012, Drs. Scott and Lena Haggerty wanted to set a new standard for health care in North Royalton, which is why they set out to be the very best in every aspect of their practice. Whether it’s pediatric and family chiropractic care, prenatal support, adult functional rehabilitation or nutrition, Elite Health and Wellness offers you the highest quality care.

Redefining the Way You Look at Care

Too often, health care is symptom-driven. A problem arises, and you seek care simply to eliminate pain or quiet the symptoms. Our practice is different.  We take a holistic approach to health care, focusing our efforts on maintaining the body’s overall health and wellness.  We want our patients to be balanced chemically, physically and mentally. You should be well, not just free of pain.

The doctors and staff are not just committed to helping you feel better; they want to teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle and be better for the long term.  At Elite Health and Wellness, we have a passion for educating families about all components of health, including family chiropractic care, pediatric chiropractic care, pregnancy chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise,muscular imbalances and soft tissue injury. Patients learn the vital role that a properly functioning nervous system, hydration, movement, nutritional supplements and proper sleep play in maintaining a healthy body.

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Meet Our Chiropractors

Offering Something for Everyone

With a family focus, the practice offers beneficial care to patients of all ages, from birth through adulthood. We have a special focus on pregnancy and pediatric care. Our greatest joy comes from watching children with health challenges enjoy a higher quality of life through chiropractic care. Our patients become like part of our family as we watch them grow and express their full potential.

Adults and athletes receive rehabilitative exercise programs. These patient-specific programs together with world-class chiropractic care help our patients achieve the best results possible.

Our doctors are always overjoyed to share patients’ success stories so that others may see what’s truly possible with chiropractic care.

Success Stories

A 2-year-old boy was having issues with allergies, chronic congestion, daily vomiting, constipation and ear infections.  His mom had tried everything she knew and didn’t know what else to do.  Dr. Scott performed an in-depth exam and found that he had several areas of his spine and nervous system that were irritated.

A care plan was developed to improve his function, and he began getting adjusted. Almost immediately, he started making improvements.  Within a few weeks, his health had dramatically improved, and most of his issues had resolved.  He continues to make phenomenal progress toward resolution of his health challenges, and he is on his way to true wellness for the first time!

Our practice invites you to be a part of our healthy family! With dedicated hours for new patients, we do our best to get to know you and give you and your family the attention you deserve. Contact our office to schedule your first appointment today.

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