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Meet Dr. Lena Haggerty

Like her husband, Dr. Lena Haggerty was a chiropractic patient before she was a Doctor of Chiropractic. Over the years, she had suffered through numerous sinus infections that were always accompanied by severe headaches. At one point, she had one that just wouldn’t go away. After three visits to the doctor and two different medications, she was told she might be suffering from a brain tumor and was referred for a CAT scan.

When the CAT scan came back clear, she was sent to see the ENT. Again, the doctor couldn’t find anything. The doctor then referred Dr. Lena to a neurologist. He diagnosed her with muscular contraction tension headaches and prescribed yet another medicine. Given the results she’d seen so far, she refused to take additional medication.

The Moment That Changed Everything

Dr. Lena had accompanied Dr. Scott on a campus visit to Logan College of Chiropractic. As prospective students, Drs. Scott and Lena had the opportunity to sit in on a mock-adjusting lab.

As the couple sat listening to the clinician, they heard him say he frequently saw patients with muscular contraction tension headaches, the same condition with which Dr. Lena had been diagnosed. Drs. Scott and Lena looked at each other and knew they had found the answer they had been searching for since Dr. Lena got sick. Although she had received chiropractic care before, Dr. Lena didn’t realize that chiropractic could help her with these issues. She spoke to the clinician after class, and he recommended she see her chiropractor as soon as she returned home.

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Education is Key

Relief at Last

When Dr. Lena saw her chiropractor, she learned that the first two vertebrae in her upper neck were completely counter-rotated. After the first adjustment, Dr. Lena felt and was functioning significantly better. The blurred vision and loss of equilibrium that accompanied the headaches were gone. After completing her corrective care plan, she was feeling completely better, and was able to begin true wellness care. Much as Dr. Scott had improvement in his overall health, Dr. Lena had the same experience. She saw a huge improvement in her immune function and no longer had symptoms of IBS. She recalls it being a life-changing experience.

Turning Healing Into a Career

Dr. Lena had been considering other career options when she accompanied her husband to Logan for that fateful visit. She had been pursuing a career change in physical therapy, but she always felt something was missing. She realized she was looking in the wrong direction; while rehabilitation is good, people need to be adjusted too. It was then that she decided to pursue chiropractic and apply to Logan for her education. She remembers it fondly as a place where healthy, lasting relationships were forged. It would be a model for the warm, family-like atmosphere of Elite Health and Wellness.

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