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Meet Dr. Scott Haggerty

Dr. Scott witnessed the power of chiropractic after suffering a back injury at age 19. For several years, the injury left him with a tremendous amount of pain. He tried everything medically available —physical therapy, medication, injections — but nothing helped. Short of surgery, Dr. Scott believed he had exhausted his options and would have to learn to live with debilitating pain.

Chiropractic Changed Everything

Living in Columbus at the time, Dr. Scott was referred to a chiropractor by a friend from the gym. After the first adjustment, Dr. Scott felt pain relief for the first time in many years. As he progressed through his care plan, he experienced a renewed sense of health and an improved quality of life.

As he would train as a competitive bodybuilder and lifelong athlete, he would sometimes suffer from mild injuries. With each occurrence, Dr. Scott would visit a chiropractor and get complete resolution of the issue. Whether he suffered from headaches or hurt his foot, back, shoulders or knees, Dr. Scott was able to get back to optimal function without the use of drugs or other medical interventions.

He had measurable impact in the rest of his life as well. As he experienced consistent chiropractic care, he had additional positive changes in his health, such as a stronger immune system, better digestion, and improved quality of sleep.

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Education is Key

The more he learned, the more interested he became in chiropractic as a profession. In fact, Dr. Scott had such a passion for chiropractic and had educated so many of his friends about its power to heal that his chiropractor suggested he consider becoming a chiropractor himself.

A Seed Was Planted

The chiropractor’s recommendation resonated with Dr. Scott. After doing some research, he began looking at chiropractic schools and the idea of pursuing chiropractic as a career. Fast forward several years and Dr. Scott went on to graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic.

Logan was a perfect fit for Dr. Scott because of its focus on optimal function and how it relates to athletics. Right from the start, Dr. Scott accumulated a tremendous amount of experience working with athletes of all levels. He also gained unique experience working with the University of Missouri football team and other elite athletes in the area.

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