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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in North Royalton

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an essential element in your prenatal care.  There are numerous benefits associated with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.  Chiropractors respect the body’s natural design and function and their main objective is to help you achieve a healthier pregnancy and overall easier birth.

Restoring Function, Reducing Stress

We offer specific spinal and pelvic analysis and adjustments for your special needs throughout pregnancy.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy may relieve and prevent some of the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy.  We work specifically on analyzing your pelvis with a goal of achieving optimal biomechanical and nervous system function, while restoring a state of balance and creating an environment for an easier, quicker, and safer delivery.  The adjustments reduce nervous system stress, thereby improving your body’s natural functions.

Our doctors are certified in the Webster Technique.  The Webster Technique is a specific sacral adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nervous system function.  This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, thereby reducing torsion to the uterus.  We receive referrals from obstetricians and midwives when they have patients with a breech presentation or who experience the discomforts that can come along with pregnancy.

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If there is imbalance to the pelvis, it creates tension inside of the uterus limiting baby’s movement. For example, when a woman comes in with a child in the breech presentation — if the chiropractor has at least five weeks before the end of the pregnancy to adjust mom —then about 80% of the time, the baby will turn into an optimal position on its’ own. Relieving the tension in the pelvis and uterus allows the baby the room it needs to move into position to prepare for birth.   By correcting sacral subluxations, and using light contact to relieve the tightening experienced in the sacrotuberous ligaments, round ligaments, and psoas as the mother gets further along in pregnancy, the baby will have freedom to move on its’ own.

The Adjustment

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is extremely gentle and safe.  At our office we have special pregnancy pads for moms to use while they are being adjusted.  Mom and baby are very comfortable on the table as the doctor begins their specific analysis.  The subluxations are corrected using gentle manual adjustments or instrument assisted techniques.  Moms often tell us it is their favorite part of the day!  Many times if a mother comes to us for the first time during her pregnancy, she reports feeling better at the end of her pregnancy right before the baby is about to be born than she did prior to becoming pregnant.

Frequency of Care for Mom-to-Be

It is ideal to receive chiropractic care prior to becoming pregnant and then especially important to receive care throughout the entire pregnancy.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps maintain optimal nervous system function.  If there is irritation to the nervous system, then it is difficult for the body to react appropriately to the stresses it encounters in daily life.  The nervous system is what will maintain the health of mom and baby during pregnancy and our main goal is to give Mom and baby the healthiest outcomes possible.

Frequency of chiropractic care during pregnancy is determined by a number of factors.  Some of the factors that can affect how often the mother-to-be should be adjusted include, but are not limited to: the state of health of the mother-to-be when she begins care, how far along into the pregnancy the mother-to-be is, and the presentation of the baby (whether they are in a breech position or not).


Success Story

One of our mother-to-be patients entered our office when she was 35 weeks pregnant. She was referred to the practice by a midwives group in Westlake, Ohio. She was worried she was going to need a C-section because her baby was in the frank breech position. She was upset about this since her goal was to have a natural vaginal birth with no interventions.

After completing all of the initial procedures and exams, Dr. Haggerty started an adjusting care plan. The patient was adjusted several times per week over a 4 week time frame. When she went to her 39-week checkup with the midwife, the baby was checking as being occiput anterior and face and head down — the optimal birth position! We continued to adjust the mother-to-be all the way through her day of delivery. The patient ended up having a successful, natural, vaginal birth without any interventions.

The New Patient Process

The First Visit

The first time you visit Elite Health and Wellness, you’ll be greeted by a member of our friendly staff. Since you’ve completed your new patient paperwork at home, just a few signatures will be required when you arrive. While you take care of those important first-day introductions, your children will enjoy our kids’ play area!
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Our staff will escort you to the exam room where the doctor will review your health history, including information about your pregnancy up to this point, previous pregnancy experiences including details about the labor and delivery, and goals you have for this pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  They will also perform an in-depth chiropractic exam.  We are determined to find the cause of your health challenges.  Once the exam is completed, our chiropractic assistant will perform three essential tests with our state-of-the-art Subluxation Station.  We utilize this cutting-edge technology to determine the functional state of your nervous system.

All of this valuable information will be carefully reviewed by the doctor along with your physical exam findings to provide a comprehensive analysis of your health and well-being.

The Second Visit

Your second visit is where you get to the heart of your health. You will be greeted by a member of our friendly staff and escorted to the consultation room where you will watch a short video before the Report of Findings.
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Dr. Haggerty will discuss your examination findings with you. The doctor will educate you about the results so that you understand the impact your nervous system function is having on your health and explain the role that chiropractic plays in your health and healing. Your personalized care plan will also be discussed.

Starting Care

A member of our staff will meet with you after your Report of Findings to discuss financial responsibility, payment options and appointment scheduling.
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You will then start your care plan, receiving your first adjustment by the doctor.  At the end of your appointment you will have your care plan scheduled and your financial arrangements in place.  It’s our goal to make your healing the focus of your visits!

Experience a healthier and happier pregnancy with safe and natural chiropractic care. Contact our office today!

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